Tips on how to deal with clutter…

1. Commit to do something about it – this is an important first step.

2. Set a goal for your room – plan the space to serve you and how you want to live.

3. Start small – begin with a manageable project such as a junk drawer or bookshelf.

4. Edit items – keep only things which serve your goal for the space.

5. Think green – items you no longer need can be donated or sold.

6. Schedule time to organize – even 20 minutes a day will go a long way.

If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or simply don’t have enough time to tackle clutter on your own, a Professional Organizer can help.


I have known Mr. Poole since January of 2009 when he and his wife became patients at our clinic. Since this time we have built a clinical relationship due to his interest in the field of Ergonomics. I have been practicing in various capacities in health care for the past 20 years. Past interests in cardiac and respiratory health care as well as working in both the hospital and home care settings lead me to be a more preventative and proactive health care model. I have been practicing as a liscenced chiropractor in the province of Nova Scotia for 7 years in Clayton Park and work with various health care practitioners in the HRM.

I am writing this letter in regards to Mr. Poole's capacity to perform quality and insightful ergonomic assessments and recommendations. His ability to assist workers with postural problems and integrate meaningful solutions and cost effective strategies is very detailed and practical. Chris has been very helpful to my patients with regards to performing timeley, on-site assessments. I have witnessed and been impressed with his ability to find quick and cost effective means to create productive and user-friendly employees workstations.

To this end, I feel quite comfortable recommending Mr. Poole as a competent, ergonomic expert. His professional and courteous mature makes it easy for people to like and trust him. Chris has worked as an IT professional and has spent many hours sitting at a desk and as a result has endured the rigors of postural strain and the symptoms associated with it. This is what has fueled his passion for this type of problem solving and what makes him very good at what he does.

If you have any questions or concerns with respect to this letter of reference, please do not hesitate to call me at 902-445-9335. E-mail:

Dr. Jason T. Fox, RRT, RCPT(p), DC

Dr. Jason T. Fox
Glenbourne Chiropractic



Cherry blossom closeup

This master bedroom is in the process of being converted to a Japanese retreat.  The white cherry blossom tree adds the desired view of nature.  Stay tuned for the finished reveal.

Inspired by the Wheelwell Motel from the movie Cars, this little boy enjoys an 8×12 backdrop for his McQueen adventures


Originally this small cottage bathroom had a thermostat featured opposite the wall mirror.  The autumn path to a shimmering lake camouflages the dial and improves the view when getting ready in the morning.


Jupiter inspired planet for a little boy’s room that included mobiles, and 8 other planets that my or may not include Pluto!

                                                                                                  Fireplace      Fireplace updated mantle

Santa needed a way into this young family’s home, so this traffic area  of the living room opposite the sofa was a great spot for a fireplace.  An electrician was asked to place an outlet perfectly for the flickering fire light.   The mantle was updated in 2014, but mural and flicker fire are doing well years later.

This all white apartment kitchen was in need of excitement.  The tenant’s collection of blue and white dishes, and snowmen, were the inspiration for the blue faux tile backsplash.  The custom corner shelf was added for special displays.


This little boy had an eye for space.  The room’s ceiling and upper walls were covered in stars and all the hand painted planets (including Pluto!) circled the sun “light”.  The four foot high rocket ship near a desert plateau.

This young girl’s room was set on a back deck with harbour (see below) and butterfly views.  The closet area made a nice little cottage with a magnetic painted window for hanging prized art without pinholes.

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